About Us

As two young creatives living in the best city in the world, we decided to combine our capabilities through a magazine that focuses on the abundant Chicago talent around us. Through intimate interviews that we conduct right out of our living room and photographs taken on our sidewalk, we aim to capture other’s stories, their visions, and what they bring to the table. Being two women of color, we are especially focused on the unique skills that can be found in other women and people of color. We believe in representation, in imagination, in vulnerability. We believe in collaboration and creatives lifting up other creatives. This is Matchbox Mag.

Imama Khawaja

Imama Khawaja is a college sophomore currently pursuing an English degree at DePaul University. She writes poetry, works for a content - writing business, listens to copious amounts of rap music, and wants to save the world with art. She’s totally not writing this in the third person.

Priyanka Podjale

Priyanka Podjale is a college sophomore currently pursuing an advertising degree at DePaul University. When she’s not selling shoes at Vans, she takes pictures for her photography business and co - hosts a radio show on WLUW 88.7. She likes fashion, tacos, and buying concert tickets an hour before the show.